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About Us

YKNP Marketing Managementis a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing services for companies in the UAE. We combine best practices in sales recruitment, training, management, quality assurance and selling technologies into a complete services platform that consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients.


We believe that your sales performance should be consistent, predictable, replicable, and scalable. We invest considerable time, human-capital, and resources into each client relationship to understand your needs, financial goals, product development and the challenges you face in the market. We put our “skin-in-the-game” requiring no upfront investments and you only pay when we deliver.

Prateek Alawadi,
Managing Director
Why Choose Us

No two days are the same here

We maintain a close, ongoing working relationship with you to ensure that sales approach and processes utilized in the field are constantly aligned and in step with changes in your business and marketplace. Our dedicated teams partner closely with our clients to deliver a transparent and completely accountable solution focusing on metrics, training, and the latest sales enablement technologies.

Certified Care
We are experienced by the professionals.

Great Staff

At YKNP Advisors, we care about integrity and delivering clients value through sound strategy and intelligent sales execution. We’ve used these principles to build a team of highly skilled and experienced sales professionals. Our senior staff bring over 30 years of combined sales leadership experience with rich backgrounds in financial services, IT, Retail and various service-based industries.